As a member, you will have access to our member database,  photos, files, links, and our events
calendar.  You will be able to post messages, download photos, and chat with other members.

To be approved for membership:

Your Yahoo ID must not be sexual in nature.   You must have a completed Yahoo profile, and it must
NOT contain any sexually explicit content or photos, including links to sexually suggestive
websites.  Profiles that are blank will not be approved.  At a minimum, you must have your first
name, gender, age, and location on your profile.  We encourage you to post a photo, and fill out your
profile entirely.  We feel this helps facilitate communication between members, screens out sexual
predators, and helps members feel more comfortable.  It also keeps everyone on an equal basis;
besides, let's face it, (and I'm talking to the men here) it's just plain rude to Instant Message a
woman whose profile sparked your interest when YOURS is blank!  Take it from me, guys, women
don't appreciate that!

We are not a swinger's group and will not approve any requests for membership from persons whose
Yahoo  profile suggests or indicates that they are a swinger.  While we respect the rights of each of
our members to engage in whatever activities they wish to IN PRIVATE, we do not participate in sex
or sexually oriented activities as a group.  

Once you become a member:

Your Yahoo mail account must remain active.  If messages sent to you are consistently returned, you
are considered "hard bouncing" and Yahoo will deactivate your mail account.  If your Yahoo
account becomes a hard bouncing account, you will be removed from the group.

Your Yahoo profile must remain complete and must not be changed in a way that no longer fits our
membership requirements.  If this happens, you will be removed from the group.
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